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Big Car Parts accepts Bitcoin

Pay for your Automotive Parts with Bitcoin!

We've listened to you and now accept Bitcoin payments through Bitpay the leading Bitcoin payment gateway. With more and more major retailers getting on board with future payments we looked at how it can help make purchasing from our store even easier for you. Here's a snippet from 

It’s fast, secure and global

Bitcoin doesn’t discriminate. You can use it anywhere in the world, to send value almost instantly, nearly for free. Transferring bitcoins costs just a few pennies and you can send as much value as you want. It’s important to remember that bitcoins can’t be counterfeited or duplicated.  The cherry on top is that transactions are conducted in a peer-to-peer method, without the need for a bank or third party to oversee it.

Bitcoin was designed with your privacy in mind "

Alipay is due to be added within the next few days by our web team, making and easier purchase option for those in China, Hong Kong and across the World.

Last but not least Amazon Pay will follow in due course!

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